Child Benefits

Maternity Allowance

In Germany, maternity allowance is paid to female employees to raise their children (housewives are not entitled). It will be provided for six weeks before giving birth by the employer, and for eight weeks after having given birth by the health insurer. Please give your employer appropriate notice of the forthcoming event.

To apply for maternity allowance in good time before giving birth, you need to present written confirmation from the attending midwife or gynecologist about the likely date of birth. After your child is born, you need to hand in a copy of the birth certificate.

Here you can download the application form.

Child Allowance

is paid at least up to the age of 18. This will be extended up to the age of 25 if the child is still attending school, professional education, or studying.

You can apply for child allowance at the responsible Family Benefits Office. It is possible to receive the child allowance together with your pay.

For more information given by the Federal Employment Office click here.

Furthermore, Parenting Allowance is a family benefit for parents who wish to be the main caregiver for their child during the first 14 months and hence will not be working full time.

Part-time positions of up to 30 hours per week are permitted. The parenting allowance amounts up to at least 67% of the forgone net income, however, no less than 300 Euros per month and up to a maximum of 1800 Euros.

All parents receive a monthly sum of at least 300 Euro. This sum is paid for twelve months after the child's birth, regardless of whether you were employed before birth or not, and for both female and male home-makers.

Mothers and fathers are entitled to parenting allowance if they:

  • are the main caregivers for their child(ren) from birth
  • do not hold an employment position with more than 30 hours per week
  • live with their child(ren) in the same household
  • hold their place of residence (with registered address) in Germany

When applying, it is necessary to present a birth certificate.

You can find all the application forms here.

Child Care in Berlin – Information Sheets

One of the challenges of moving to a new city is finding child care. This information sheet is designed to assist NeuroCure scientists who may not yet be familiar with the pre-school child care options available in Berlin.

In the following you will find information on:

The suggestions here are not comprehensive, but a starting point. Moreover, this is an information resource only; NeuroCure and the Charité are not responsible for services offered by organisations mentioned here.

We hope this is helpful and welcome your feedback!