This program was designed to further strengthen the communication within the local postgraduate community as well as to help postgraduates tackle the challenges of their positions and to prepare them for upcoming career steps.
We created a postdoc specific e-mail distributor in order to reach everyone directly and inform about upcoming events, meetings, etc., as well as an internal website for exchange of confidential data and information, discussions, etc.

The Continuing Education Program encompasses several teaching and corresponding training opportunities, tailored to the needs of postgraduates.

Continued Education Program

The CEP was designed in particular to train and prepare postgraduates for the new responsibilities and challenges which arise with their transition from the status of a graduate student to that of an independent scientist and university lecturer. This training focuses on skills and abilities that are usually not taught in graduate school. It is organized in 4 topics/modules: Supervision and Mentoring, Project Management, Teaching and Communication and Special Topics and Advanced Scientific Methods.

Apart from organizing and advertising existing courses, the CEP also offers ample opportunity to practice and apply the acquired knowledge on small scale training projects, where they will receive supervision and feedback. Fellows who complete both the theoretical and practical requirements obtain the CEP. However, interested postgraduates are also welcome to join only parts of the program.

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