Equal Opportunity

Promoting gender equality among researchers is one of NeuroCure's declared objectives. Women are still underrepresented at higher academic levels. To counteract this, NeuroCure has developed a diverse set of measures based on the equal opportunity strategies of its partner organizations to sustainably increase the proportion of female scientists in higher academic positions, including:

  • female postdoctoral research fellowships
  • mentoring program for female scientists
  • financial support for flexible childcare
  • actively approaching female scientists in recruitment processes
  • dual career support

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Through NeuroCure's successful strategy, the proportion of female principal investigators within the Cluster has more than doubled from 12% to 25%.

Percentage of women at NeuroCure:
as of July 2017
Principal Investigators
(Professors and Junior Group Leaders) 
Research Associates
Doctoral Students
Non-Academic Staff 86%









For more information on the equal opportunity programs of NeuroCure’s university partner institutions: