The NeuroCure Clinical Research Center (NCRC)

Translating findings from basic research into clinical application

The NeuroCure Clinical Research Center (NCRC) was established to provide patients with the fastest possible access to new therapeutic and diagnostic options. At the NCRC, findings from basic research are transferred directly into the clinic, i.e., made available to the patient. This translation is made possible by clinical studies.

Clinical Research Centers - CRCs - create the structural conditions for the efficient implementation of clinical studies, which are initiated by both basic and clinical scientists. In Germany, such a concept is relatively new. Within the framework of the NeuroCure initiative, in July 2008, such a CRC was set up at the Charité Campus Mitte in Berlin - the NeuroCure Clinical Research Center. Here, in-house research-initiated studies (so-called Investigator Initiated Trials, IITs) are carried out as well as studies in cooperation with industry.

The NCRC is certified since July 2014 as a Clinical Research Center including Site Management Organisation and biomarker sample management for the development, conduct and administration of neurological and psychiatric studies according to DIN ISO 9001.